February 11, 2015

Laguna Salt Company introduces its new handcrafted all-purpose sea salt blend “The Kitchen” that rivals anything you have ever used.

Laguna Beach, California February 10, 2015: 

Laguna Salt Company, the specialty salt source based out of Laguna Beach, California, has once again taken bold steps with a new and spectacular addition to their already popular and unique handcrafted salt collection. Their current specialty lineup includes raw, infused and smoked varieties that transform average recipes into culinary delights. Laguna Salt is on the rise from a niche product producer to a much more global and universal marketplace. With their new product offering they are expecting partnerships and product placement in national grocery chains and select restaurants throughout the United States during 2015.

Laguna Salt Co. recognized a growing interest and demand for a “use on everything” sea salt blend to provide an exceptional dining experience. While marketing their gourmet specialty line to restaurants and vendors they were asked to create an all-purpose blend as a standard seasoning for almost any dish. In response to the demand, they set out to create the perfect combination using all natural, absolutely pure ingredients. The curators spent countless hours working with some of the area’s finest chefs and receiving feedback from loyal enthusiasts. They tasted and sampled until the perfect blend  “The Kitchen” was born.

Laguna Salt Co. was established in Laguna Beach, California in August of 2013 with the goal to share exotic, healthy and natural sea salts from around the world. Laguna Salt Co. has brought to their line some of the most flavorful and taste-worthy salts to grace your palate and caught the attention of chefs, restaurants, and foodies around the globe. Recently they were selected by Blake Lively as one of her favorite artisans for Preserve, her lifestyle website.  

“The Kitchen” is their latest installment and maintains their commitment to quality and extraordinary taste. Laguna Salt Company has grown a successful lifestyle brand that was founded upon their love of the ocean and of course, to make the foods you love taste better.

For any questions or more information please contact by email to: hello@lagunasalt.com or by phone at:  888-374-7258