While marketing our specialty line of handcrafted sea salts to restaurants and gourmet food stores, we were frequently asked to create an all-purpose sea salt as a standard seasoning for almost any dish. In response to the ever-growing demand, we set out to create the perfect sea salt blend.

Using absolutely pure, all-natural ingredients, we spent countless hours working with some of the area’s finest chefs and sought feedback from our loyal enthusiasts.

We tasted and sampled until this handcrafted salt blend was born, rightfully named... “The Kitchen.”

We’ve brought to marketplace some of the most flavorful and taste-worthy salts to grace your palate and have caught the attention of chefs, restaurants and foodies around the globe. “The Kitchen”, our latest creation, maintains our commitment to quality and extraordinary taste.

From our kitchen to yours, ENJOY!

Suggestions:Use as an all-purpose salt on simply anything!

Ingredients:Natural Sea Salt, Garlic, Celery Seed, Onion, Paprika, Lemon, Pepper

Origin: U.S.A