April 27, 2015

Writing for Laguna Salt has inspired me to spend more time in the kitchen. I’m learning how these gourmet sea salts can easily and effortlessly elevate a meal. The quality and the flavors of the salts are so top notch that you really don’t need to use much else in the spice department to create the perfect dish. For a novice chef like me, this is key.

I decided to do a little something different for Mother’s Day this year. We typically will take my mom out to brunch at a nice restaurant. But there’s something to be said for avoiding the crowds and cooking an intimate meal in the comforts of your own home. So that’s what we’re going to do. Although, my mom doesn’t know this yet. But I’m sure she will be very happy that I’ll be exercising my culinary “skills” for her.

The menu is still in the early stages, but I think it will go a little something like this:
  • A variety of bagels with whipped cream cheese. Sliced red onion, tomatoes and cucumbers. I’ll be adding some Ghost Pepper Sea Salt to the cream cheese for that extra kick and some Lemon Flake Sea Salt to the veggies. Yum.
  • A fresh fruit and cheese platter. Sliced apples or pears are delicious with a dash of Sweet Hibiscus Sea Salt. I’m thinking a soft cheese, like brie, would be great with Tuscan Rosemary Sea Salt sprinkled on top. We’ll need some bread to go with the cheese (although we’re already having bagels, hmmm, will have to re-think that one.) A dish of olive oil with Toasted Onion or Black Truffle Sea Salt makes for a great dipping sauce for fresh bread.
  • Scrambled eggs with Boursin cheese is already a favorite in our house, so I think it’ll be perfect for our Mother’s Day Brunch. There are so many Laguna Salts that go great with eggs. It’ll be hard to pick just one. I might use The Kitchen Sea Salt for this dish, as it’s a perfect, all-purpose salt.
  • Now, for dessert. My mom’s all-time favorite dessert is bananas foster. I attempted to make it for her a few Mother’s Days ago and it came out surprisingly delicious. I’m not sure what I’ll make this year. You’ll have to check back in my next blog to see how this meal turned out AND what we had for dessert.
Will I use salt in the dessert or won’t I? That is the question….
Until next time,
“Trust no one unless you have eaten much salt with him.” Cicero