March 23, 2015

Oh the multitude of ways to use salt. The list is really endless. But for the purpose of this blog, let’s focus on the ways that salt can add to the drinking experience. The right kind of salt can make your cocktail taste better, by enhancing its flavor. It is also used to take away the bite of the alcohol (another fantastic virtue of salt.)

We’re all familiar with the salt-tequila-lime process, when taking a shot of tequila. But did you know this is not the traditional way to drink tequila? By tradition, this native Mexican drink is taken straight, sometimes accompanied by a side of Sangrita (a drink that contains orange juice, tomato juice and hot chilies.) When you take your tequila with salt and lime (also known as tequila cruda) it’s considered “tequila with training wheels.” But don’t worry, however you prefer your tequila is just fine with us! Instead of using table salt for this non-traditional ritual, try one of our high-quality, infused, raw sea salts. Wild Ginger would be just perfect with your tequila shot.

Have you ever wondered why the rim of a Margarita glass is salted? There are two reasons for this— presentation and, once again, to take the bite out of the tequila and the bitter flavor of the citrus in the Margarita. When rimming your glass with salt, flake forms are the ideal choice. Not only do they look lovely, but they also dissolve very easily when you take a sip. We suggest using our Lemon Flake Sea Salt to give your next Margarita a crunchy kick.

We certainly cannot leave out the Bloody Mary in this famed list of delightful drinks. Not only is this cocktail a well-known hangover treatment, it’s also downright delicious. Bloody Marys pack quite the spicy punch, which isn’t for everyone. But for those of you who love to kick your beverage up a notch, we recommend adding a bit of our Ghost Pepper Salt to achieve pure heavenly hotness!

Not an alcohol drinker? No problem. Add a dash of our Tahitian Vanilla or Kona Bean Salts to your Hot Chocolate and prepare to be WOWED.

And you thought salt was only for food...

Until next time,

“A man must eat a peck of salt with his friend before he knows him.” Miguel De Cervantes