September 07, 2014

Do you often invite friends over to your home to enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner? Do you find that whenever there is a get-together, everyone is coming over to your place? Do you place a lot of care and detail when it comes to preparing your meals and making sure every guest is taken care of? If you answered yes to these questions, you are in fact, a bonafide host/hostess! 

One important aspect of entertaining, is of course, presentation. Do your dishes look appealing? Remember the old adage: you eat with your eyes first. So what's a quick and easy trick to making your dishes more appetizing to the eye (and palate)? If you tend to throw a lot dinner parties, you probably are also serving cocktails.

For an instant wow factor, try rimming your margarita glass with sea salt like our natural Lemon Flake Sea Salt, or even our popular, eye-catching California Red Sea Salt. You can even add a little bit of sugar to your salt mixture. Simply place some salt and sugar onto a plate, moisten your glass with some liquid such as lime juice or water, and carefully dip the glass onto the the plate. To avoid getting any of the salt or sugar inside of the glass, moisten just the outer edge of the glass and only rotate this outside area into the mixture.

Are blood marys on the menu? Dress them up by rimming your glasses with bold Summer Smoke or Roasted Garlic Sea Salts. They add a distinct pop of color and a complex flavor to this beloved cocktail! Serving up sour apple martinis? Rim the glass with some salted caramel sauce.

There are really no limitations on how you can dress up your cocktails!