September 02, 2014

As there are trends in fashion, so too are there trends in food. Each year, those in the foodservice industry anticipate what will be the hottest food trends to look out for. Forbes announced that “upscale comfort food” would be a trend to watch for in 2014. We thought we could share with you how we use our natural infused sea salts to upgrade some of our favorite comfort foods.

  • Fancy Hot Chocolate: Sprinkle in some of our Tahitian Vanilla Sea Salt for a sweet and savory flavor profile. Don't forget to add a dollop of whipped cream!
  • Decadent Fettuccine Alfredo or Mac and Cheese: Our popular Black Truffle Sea Salt is the perfect way to elevate this dish. Just add a dash or two before serving.
  • Smoked Deviled Eggs: Kick up the flavor just a notch by topping off your deviled eggs with our famous Summer Smoke Sea Salt.
  • Grown-Up Sundaes: Top of your scoops of vanilla ice ream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and Kona Bean Sea Salt – don't forget the cherry on top!
  • Tuscan-Style Meatballs: Transform mundane meatballs by incorporating the flavors of sage and rosemary with our Tuscan Rosemary Sea Salt. Add to your pasta or sandwich!
  • Elegant Caramel Apples: Perfect for the fall season, sprinkle over classic fleur de sel on your caramel apples as your finishing touch.
  • Garlicky Sliders: Amp up the garlic flavor in your sliders by adding in our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt to your ground meat.

     How do you upgrade your comfort foods?