January 02, 2016

Ghost Pepper is now a staple in our house (at least for my fiance.) This love affair began on Mother’s Day. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had planned to incorporate many different Laguna Salts into our brunch. Everything came out quite delicious. These salts are so full of flavor, that all it takes is a pinch to transform your dish. And as for dessert, did I add any salt to that? I sure did! We had vanilla ice cream, with hot fudge and a dash of Kona Bean Sea Salt. It was like a slice (or scoop) of coffee/vanilla/chocolate heaven!

Now, back to the Ghost Pepper Sea Salt. I knew this was a spicy salt. I just didn’t know HOW spicy it was. I brought the jar to the table and gave everyone the option of adding it to their food. We all cautiously tasted it and wow, was it hot! A bit too hot for some of us spice wimps. But it wasn’t too hot for Howie. My fiance’s middle name should be Spicy. He uses Sriracha Sauce like it’s Ketchup. So I knew that he would like the Ghost Pepper. I just didn’t realize how much he would like it. He started by adding some to his cream cheese and it definitely kicked his bagel up a notch. Before we knew it, he was adding it to pretty much everything on his plate. He loved it!

Since Mother’s Day, I’ve added Ghost Pepper Sea Salt to almost every meal I’ve made for Howie. This combination of sea salt and the incredibly hot Naga Jolokia pepper creates a fiery experience that is not for the weak! We’ve used it on pasta, eggs, even pizza! Of course, you can vary the heat by increasing or decreasing the amount of salt you use. But remember, a little bit goes a long way. So, if you are a fan of fiery flavors, you need Ghost Pepper Sea Salt in your life. Try it. I dare you!

Until next time,
“The cure for anything is salt water-sweat, tears or the sea.” 
- Isak Dinesen